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When you block another member:

  • Their profile will disappear from your discovery, Nearby, Favorites, and Messages Grids
  • Your profile will disappear from their Discover, Nearby, Favorites, and Messages Grids
  • Your chat history with the profile will be cleared
  • You will be unable to View one another. Views of either profile prior to the block will remain visible
  • Their profile will appear in your blocks list (Manage Hides/Blocks, in Settings). Tap on the profile in the list to remove the block
How do I disable, delete or restore my profile?
Disabling your profile will delete your profile and remove it from your device, however you will have the ability to re-enable it manually by logging in again. Open Alpha and tap the Profile icon at the far-right end of the bottom menu bar.

1. Tap Edit Profile.

2. Scroll down and tap Disable profile .

3. Follow the prompts to confirm.

How do I use Alpha match?

Swipe right if you're interested.

Swipe left if they're not for you.

How do I go online and offline?

  Launch Alpha.

2. Tap the Profile icon at the far-right end of the bottom navigation bar.

3. Tap the Online toggle on.

Once your profile is online, the Online toggle will be switched on (green), and your profile thumbnail photo will turn to color. Your profile will reappear in Nearby and Search results, and online status will be added to your profile.